Saturday, 11 February 2012

An Unhappy Post

Hey, Kzra here.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I kind of remembered what the date was, and got on a bit of a downer. Tomorrow is a year to the day that I first ran. A year since... well a year since I lost the best thing in my life. And it's nearly valentines day. I was valentines day last year, the plan was to propose to her. I know I should be keeping my head in the present, but it's hard. I just miss her so fucking much.

I will always love you Steph, and I hope that you knew it.

Anyways, I'm spending today alone, as Caleb has gone to sort out the car and everything with that friend of his. That kid is annoying as hell, but his hearts in the right place I guess.And he has a good taste I music. He wants to stick around in Morocco and try to find that friend of his. I'm not convinced. We'll see.

So yeah, this was just a quick post to fill you in on why I've been a bit quiet this week.

And Aura, seems like things are getting pretty heavy over your end. Be careful, and look after yourself, okay? And if your friends that are on the run at the moment need anything, tell them that they are welcome to ask me, and I'll help in anyway that I can.

Always alert, always alive.

Kzra out.

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  1. "Kzra" and Steph
    Invited Death
    When Steph read up on Slender.
    Now she is gone,
    But he is wrong,
    If only he remembered.

    Try to stay awake...

    ~A Thief