Thursday, 9 February 2012

Men In Black

Hey, Caleb again.

Kzra and me were just discussing this, and I remembered that I forgot to say about the only thing that I have to say that you may be interested in. The Men In Black from the hospital.

They showed up the day before he did, and took my phone. I think that they knew I had been asking for help. They asked me a load of questions about my childhood, any imaginary friends that me or my friends may have had, any missing persons cases from my home town that I could remember, unexplained fires, all that kind of jazz. Basically, they wanted to know about Slenderslut (get it? because he's fucked all of our lives :-)). I got a pretty bad vibe off of them, so wasn't exactly helpful when they questioned me. They were also asking about where I had been travellling, where I had been staying, any history of mental illness in the family, where are my family, blahdy blahdy blah. Nothing really interesting I'm afraid, I'm sure you were probably thinking along these lines already. But it's always nice to have these things confirmed.

What was a bit odd was the pig's reaction when the MIB first showed. They laughed in their faces, until one of them showed them some paperwork. Then they went silent, and a bit pale, before hurrying out of the room. It was funny. I didn't get to see what was on the papers, but it must have been pretty important. They never said who they work for either, but they both had american accents. I also don't know where the second one had gone the night Kzra broke me out, I was pretty messy.

That's all I've got for you at the mo, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. One of us will get back to you (probably me if Kzra is still being all depressing).

Oh, and I ran those numbers through "Word Smuggler" on a hunch. It came back with nothing. Then I noticed that all of the numbers were three digits except for the 97 at the start. I made that into a 097 instead, and got a result:  

"a thieves still lips". Mean anything to you? It doesn't to us either.

So, that's me done, last post of the day. Honest.

Until next time; ¡AdiĆ³s mi amigos y que te vaya bien! ;-P

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