Monday, 6 February 2012

Clinique du Sud

Caleb, what the fuck have you dragged me into?

It didn't take me long to find his room at the hospital. It had two police officers guarding the door, so I kept my distance and watched for a bit to see if they'd go for a break or something. No such luck. Instead, a couple of guys in suits walked out of his room. They definitely weren't Moroccan. The cops actually seemed a bit scared of these suits, whoever they are. I didn't like the look of them, so hung back and tried to look inconspicuous by sitting down next to an unconscious patient, and putting my head in my hands like I was crying. They walked past me, talking to a doctor. They were telling him to sedate Caleb for the time being, and they'd be back to question him again. I didn't hear when though, they had walked too far away by this point. 

I then checked the chart of the patient I was visiting. My french isn't great, so I wasn't expecting to understand much, but it turns out that the french word for coma is coma. Who knew?  I think I can see a plan forming here, a slightly reckless one, especially considering what happened when I was leaving the hospital, but it could work.

I decided I need supplies if I'm going to pull this off, so I made my way back to the entrance. The two guys in suits were in the entrance/reception kind of area, still talking to the doctor. One of them looked right at me, and I just kept my head down and carried on walking normally. Then he shouted my name. No, not my online alias, my real name. The one on my birth certificate. Now, I've been cautious about what details I post about myself on here in case anybody was watching, and I am certain that I haven't posted my actual identity anywhere. I hired a car when I got here, but under a false identity (I have 4 different IDs in 4 different names, for obvious reasons. Sometimes, when you're involved in this you can't uphold your end of a bargain, for instance returning a hire car to a certain place by a certain time, and I don't want the law hunting me, thanks all the same), so it couldn't have been that. I kept walking, and the two suits started following me, walking quickly. They shouted for the security guard at the door to stop me.

 So I ran. I shoulder-barged into the security guard who tried to block me, and we both tumbled out into the street. I got up quickly and was running full pelt for my car. I got in, only to hear gunfire erupting from behind me. One of my wing mirrors exploded into a spray of shattered glass as I pulled away. I could see the suits in my rear view mirror, still running, stopping to take pot-shots at the car. 

I drove away as fast as I could, fearing for my life, and soon they were no longer visible. I drove for best part of an hour before dumping the car and hopping on a random bus. I really should think about arming myself at some point. I just hate violence though. Too many people get hurt in all of this already, without me adding to it. Anyways, I've got a rough plan, and I will update when I've given it a try. If I don't post again, well you can guess what that means.

Now, I'm going to eat. Anyone know of any good take-outs in Marrakech?  I could really do without getting food poisoning right now.

Stay smart, stay safe.

Kzra out.

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  1. I feel bad now about suggesting you going into there, I didn't think it would be that level of danger.

    Sorry ;_;

    Worrying that they knew your real name and full out opened fire too.