Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Hangover That Could Kill The Slenderman

Duty-Free on ferries should be banned. So hungover. Anyways, do you remember me mentioning some guy called Caleb who I bumped into in Portugal? Well I got an email off of him asking for my help. And this has all reminded me to post about a couple of things that I know have been covered before by other people (mainly M), but judging from Caleb's situation, people need a reminder.

So I'm in Morocco. I'm still not sure how to go about this. Basically, the Moroccan police can be pretty nasty. And now I need to find a way to break Caleb out of hospital. Being in one place for too long is dangerous, so I won't just leave him in his hospital bed when he has requested otherwise.

So yeah, my first point in this post is, well, just because you are being "Slenderstalked" doesn't mean you should ignore all other dangers. Caleb was hitching his way to Marrakesh, when a cop car pulled up next to him. He though that they were going to drive him into the city, he was quite far out into the middle of nowhere, and it is supposed to be the police's job to keep people safe, right? Well, long story short, they shot him, took his wallet, and left him for dead. Lucky for him, some tourists happened to drive past him (the Moroccans are used to this kind of shit going on, so generally ignore anybody that the see dumped out in the middle of nowhere), and they took him to hospital. He's been there for over a week, but they won't let him leave, as he has no ID (it was in his wallet) and, ironically, the police want to confirm who he is, and what happened to him. So yeah, there are other threats out there besides Tall, Thin, and Faceless, and if you forget that then you are almost guaranteed to end up in some nasty situations.

Secondly, being on the ferry reminded me about water. I know M has mentioned a friend who took to the seas to escape all of this. Well, when I was last in Thailand I met a guy called Aran, he'd been living on a boat for about 6 months, up until 2 days before I met him. It worked a treat, Slendy just doesn't seem to show up on boats for some reason. I think it must be because of the movement, he can't get a fixed location to materialise or something. Whatever. I won't even pretend to understand the science behind the Slenderman. Also, this guy would call ahead when he needed supplies so that they'd be waiting for him at the dock, negating any need to go ashore. Smart guy. Except he forgot about the proxies. The last time he docked, one managed to stow away on-board, and when they were far enough away from the shore the proxy went and sank the boat! Aran got washed to shore by a stroke of luck, but Slendy seemed to be pissed with him for managing to completely avoid him for so long. I won't go into what was going on with him, because it's unnecessary, it will only panic people, and I feel that discussing it in detail would be a bit disrespectful. But anyways, he hurried me on my way, because he viewed himself as a danger to be around. So yeah, the point I'm trying to make is that water works, but it pisses Him off. And you still aren't safe from his little pets. Personally, I much prefer being somewhere where I can run if I need to. That isn't easy when your on a boat. Just a thought, anyway.

And thirdly, and unrelated (this isn't a tip, just something that is bugging the hell out of me because I'm certain it must be linked to all of this), on the ferry I was approached by a short guy in a red suit. He looked normal, but his voice was, well quite frankly it was fucking bizarre. I have no idea what kind of dialect it was, none that I've heard before. But his words seemed as though they may be significant, or at least relevant.

"The one that you fear is one of many, loved by none. We won't have Him beyond. He will bring the parasites who we help and hinder. We befriended some. They existed in a cursed world. Now they exist in cursed minds. We are intense. Ah, how beautifully the world is built."

I'm not sure what he was actually talking about, but I recognised the last two sentences, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty certain that he was quoting Artaud. He disappeared into the crowd, and I couldn't find him again afterwards. Weirdly, I felt pretty ill after he spoke to me, a bit like Slendersickness. So I did the smart thing, and got hammered on Duty-Free booze. My head is pounding. But if I had to hazard a guess I'd say that he wasn't from around these parts, if you know what I mean.

Also, nihilistic as it sounds, I have a hunch that the "Parasites" are probably us, as in humans. Sound plausible? At least it isn't a code. Cryptic messages, I can deal with. Random strings of numbers just piss me off.

Oh, and fourth and finally, if you are carrying a mannequin, expect to get  some funny looks. People on the ferry just kept staring at Betty and me. I  actually found it quite funny, trying to picture how we must have looked to everyone else.It's good to laugh sometimes, no matter how fucked up things are. Happiness is what separates us from Him. Well, that and the ability to teleport and sprout tentacles at will.

Anyways, I hope that this was useful in some way. If you have any advice on how to bust Caleb out (yeah Aura, I'm asking you, as you seem to be about the only friend I have in this at the moment, with the exception of a gunshot victim) then it would be greatly appreciated. Getting arrested doesn't seem like a good plan.

Well, I think I need a little nap to get over this hangover. Sorry is this post makes no sense, is grammatically incorrect, or has spelling mistakes. My head hurts too much to read back over what I've typed.

Run fast, run far.

Kzra out.


  1. Not sure on the different rules in different countries so I'm not sure if it would work but maybe pretending to be a family member would let you take him? maybe? I'm not sure. Best I can think of i'm afraid.

    1. They still want him for questioning about who shot him. He's been telling them that he can't remeber, because he's worried about what they might do if he tells them that it was the police that shot him. Good idea though, I'm guessing that they wouldn't "silence" him if there was a family member on the scene. I'll post again after I've gone and checked it out for myself. Should be in Marrakech later today.

    2. Maybe tell him to make up a lie? Just say it was some random gang looking thugs. As you said; it doesn't surprise people around there. The police would most likely lay off if you suggest some gangs did it. Or at least lay off long enough for you to get him away from there.