Thursday, 9 February 2012


Hi. Caleb here. Nice to meet you.

Sorry about my post the other day, I honestly can't remember a thing from that night. Sounds like it was pretty mental though.

Kzra has been a bit down over the past couple of days, but he won't talk about it. He's not talking about much. I don't think I've done anything to piss him off, but I dunno. He's a bit hard to read. Oh, and he said it's cool for me to be posting here, I'm just not allowed to say much about where we are or where we're going, for obvious reasons.

We're starting to think about moving on again, now that my head has cleared up. Still aching a bit though. Got a pretty nasty scar too. Our priority right now seems to be getting rid of the car, and getting a new one. I know a guy who knows a guy who can help us out there. I took a gap year out here, living with an old school friend who had moved out here. She's the reason that I'm in Morocco now. I got a pretty worrying phone call from her.

 She was friends with some slightly "off" characters. And this one guy, sort of a friend of a friend of hers, owns a chop shop. I gave him a ring, and he'll take the car off our hands, and sort us out with another one. He also has a friend who can sort me out an ID, since the police took mine. I'm meeting with them on Saturday. They want me to come alone, they don't trust new faces. Kzra isn't happy about me wondering off by myself, but I have met this guy before, and he's fairly kosher.

We've been keeping an eye on the news too, like you suggested. No mention of us. Or the events at the hospital. We found that a bit odd. It sounds like there was total chaos there, and yet nobody is reporting on it.

That mannequin of his is creeping me out. Think I'll have a crack at those numbers that are written on it.

I'm going to go now. We're running out of beer.

Here's a song. Capdown-Ska Wars. Enjoy.

Laters, your new best friend, Caleb ;-P

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