Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Alive and Safe (I Think)

"Hi, it's Caleb here. Kzra just wanted me to let you know that he got me out of the hospital, and we're both alive and safe. So don't be worrying! He can't post right now because he's driving, and isn't sure where or when it will be a good idea to stop. He says that he'll post tomorrow. Cheers."

This is roughly what I told Caleb to post last night. Instead he seems to have posted the events of last night from the perspective of someone who is badly messed up on whatever it is that passes for a sedative in this country (if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they gave him a very large dose of ketamine).

So, here is what happened from a sober point of view.

 I managed to hire another car from a different hire firm before they closed for the day (under another one of my IDs). I was half expecting it not to work, thinking that the suits might have put out an alert or something, but they don't seem to have. I have no idea who they are still. I also swung by a street market and picked up some firecrackers.

After it got dark, I drove back to the hospital and parked just around the corner. I could see that there was still a security guard at the entrance. After looking it up, this seems to be standard practice here, as it is apparently pretty commonplace for people to try to do a runner without paying their medical bills. So I decided to make a distraction, in the form of a brick through a window. The security guard heard the window smash, and ran outside to see what the cause of it was. I managed to sneak past whilst he was looking for the culprit, and got inside the building.

Next up was phase two of my plan, luring the police away from Caleb's room. This part came in two stages. First I went into a random room that was close enough to Caleb's to get the cop's attention, but far enough away that I could get in and out before they came back. There was a patient in the room, but they were asleep. That wouldn't last long. I got three of my firecrackers and wrapped the fuses together, effectively making them into one big firecracker. I guessed (surprisingly accurately, actually) that I had about a minutes worth of fuse on them. So, I placed them under the patients bed and lit them.

I quickly moved off to carry out part 2 of this phase. I made my way quickly to my coma patient from earlier. I was starting to get pretty anxious by this point, but knew that I had to stay calm to pull this off. I sat next to the coma patient again and held their hand. It had been about thirty seconds by this point since I'd lit the fuses. I started to loosen the clamp on their finger which was hooked up to their heart rate monitor. Once it was barely hanging on, I let their arm hang down over the side of the bed. It would fall off at any second, causing the monitor to flatline. I then moved over to the other side of the room and sat with another patient. Nobody seemed to be taking any notice of me, which was better than I had hoped for.

Suddenly the firecrackers went off, sounding like a gunshot echoing through the halls. The police heard it, and went to investigate, running right past me. The patient came flying out of the room, screaming something in French, and knocked both of the cops over. I looked over to Caleb's room, and saw something I hadn't banked on. One of the suited guys from earlier stuck his head out the door, trying to work out what was happening. He had a gun in his hand. He didn't see me, and his head disappeared back into the room. Next, coma persons monitor flatlined, causing half of the staff to run over and see what was going on. I used this as cover to make my way up to Caleb's room, whilst tearing off about three-quarters of the fuse of a firecracker. When I was right outside the room, I lit the fuse, and counted to ten.Then I kicked open the door.

I couldn't see the suited-guy anywhere, then realised quickly that he had to be to my right, with the door now between me and him. I turned to face him, and he seemed startled. He hadn't been expecting me. He regained his composure with all the speed of a professional, and suddenly the gun was pointing at me. I threw the firecracker at him, and jumped awkwardly back out of the room. I heard the bang before I even hit the ground. I wasn't sure if it was the firecracker or the gun. It may have been both. But I wasn't hit, and I heard an agonising scream coming from in the room. At this moment a fire alarm went off, and people got out of their beds in a blind panic. A sprinkler system turned on and shorted out a bunch of the heart monitors, causing them to flatline. The staff didn't know what was going on, and were just as panicked as the patients. I stepped back into the room, and saw the suit rolling around on the floor, clutching at the left side of his face, screaming with the pain. His gun was on the floor, so I grabbed it and put it in my rucksack.

I walked over to the bed. Caleb was in a state that I would call semi-conscious. He was awake, and laughing, but far from lucid. He didn't recognise me. I told him I was a friend, and that I was going to take him somewhere safe. He asked if we'd be going in a car. He seemed really excited when I said we were, and told me he loves cars. I couldn't help but chuckle. I helped him out of the bed, and put his arm around my shoulder. He could walk, kind of. It was more of a slow shuffle, but it was enough to work with.

We were making our way out of the room, when i noticed a change in the suit's screams. They no longer sounded like pain, more like terror. I looked at him, and he was no longer clutching at his face. The left side of his face was, for lack of a better word, fucked. It was badly burnt, and it looked as though his eyelid had melted over his eye. But his right eye was focused on the corner of the room. The corner behind me. He kept screaming, and I turned around to find out why. And of course, there was only one thing it could be. Slenderman.

He was stood there, head tilted as though He was curious. He had his tentacles out, but they were just waving about absent mindedly. I dragged Caleb away as fast as I could, but Caleb seemed entranced by Him. It was really hard work getting him away from there, but once he couldn't physically see Him any more, he kind of snapped out of it and continued his slow shuffling. He kept remarking about how he had never seen "inside-rain" before. We made our way through the chaos unnoticed, and got back to the entrance unchallenged.

I got Caleb into the back of the car, and told him to keep his head down.I started to pull off through the crowd of patients, staff, spectators, and police which had gathered outside. They slowly parted to let us through, and I thought that we were free and clear. That was until Caleb wound down the window and started yelling questions at people, asking where the "tall man" had gone. One of the cops from the hospital recognised him, and yelled something, pointing at us. I gunned it, people were diving out of my way, and suddenly I was free of the crowd. But I could see flashing lights in my rear-view mirror. I lost them after about 10 minutes of incredibly dangerous driving. I was bricking it the whole time. I never normally drive dangerously, I don't even break the speed limit usually, and now for the second time in one day I was violating every traffic law known to man. Caleb loved it.

After we lost the police, I headed out of the city and just drove. I had no destination in mind, but wanted to put as much distance between us and the police (and Him) as possible.

About three hours after Caleb posted on here, I felt okay about stopping. We were in the middle of nowhere, and I needed a break. Caleb was out for the count by this point, but his breathing was pretty irregular, so I stayed up for a couple more hours to keep an eye on him. Once it settled, I finally dozed off myself, leaving Betty on guard duty. Caleb's still asleep now. I woke up about an hour ago, and have spent that hour typing this. I'm amazed that I'm actually picking up a 3G signal way out here to be honest.

I don't know where to go next, but I'm hoping Caleb will have an idea when he wakes up.

That's if the sedative has worn off, of course.

I'll post again soon.

Kzra out.

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  1. Well just be careful...and try and keep an eye on the news. Depending on who these suit wearing guys are depends on if they'll go public about searching for you two.

    Might be worth getting a different car or ditching this one too.