Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Note on Animals

Another day, another country.

I want to make a note here about animals, as I have seen a couple of people asking about them in various places online.

I met a girl named Rosa in France who was on the run with her dog. This was about 6 months ago now. She was adamant that her dog, Scrapper, could sense Him before she could. Scrapper would apparently go nuts for a couple of minutes before He would show up. She thought of it as an early warning system. And I have to say, I have noticed dogs going mental when He is about before. But, running with a dog carries some major drawbacks too.

Firstly, if you care about your dog's safety, leave them with somebody before you run, if you can. The Slender Suit will target them if you take them with you, presumably to stop them from warning you to His presence. I got a call from Rosa a couple of weeks after I had met her. Scrapper had been taken, and she was in a real state about it. I haven't heard from her since. I think she's gone now too.

Secondly, a lot of public transport won't let you take a dog on with you. Same with hotels, if you are that way inclined. This is a massive inconvenience when you are trying to run for your life, so if you are going to be reliant on public transport a dog is a definite no-no.

Thirdly, getting up high is an issue. It's hard to get a dog up onto rooftops, and even harder to keep them calm once you do get them up there. Dogs hate being on rooftops . It also isn't particularly safe for them to be up there. They like to try to get down, and if your going about this the right way then it should be a long way down. This can be even worse if you have a big dog. If your having a nap on top of a 5 floor apartment block, with a big dog on the end of a lead that you have tied to your arm, then what do you think is going to happen to you if that dog decides he's gonna try to get down from there?

Lastly, Rosa told me that sometimes when she was up high and relatively safe, with Slendy far below and seemingly unable to see her, Scrappers barking would attract His attention and put them both in the line of fire. This is not good, as I'm sure you are all aware.

So, I have to say that unless it is completely unavoidable, don't bring your dog when you start running. It will only end up being a burden.

As for cats, I have never met anyone who had a cat for a travelling companion, but one guy who I met back in the UK (think his name was Jim, or John, or something beginning with J. Dunno, it was a long time ago) said that the only reason he didn't assume that he was crazy when this started happening to him was because when He started showing up, his cat would stare right at Him through the window too. He also said that the day after He first showed up inside the house, the cat ran away to a neighbours place and was very reluctant to go home again.

I don't know anything  about any other animals really. I'd be interested to hear anything that anybody else has experienced on the subject. Anyways, me and Betty have found a nice roof to enjoy our lunch on, so I'm gonna say bye for now. Oh yeah, Betty is my mannequin. Well, the torso and head of it. The limbs were a bit awkward to carry.

Keep moving, stay safe.

Kzra out.


  1. Well, nice to see someone else from the UK. Although...I guess not really as I hate seeing more people in this danger.

    Nice tips about animals too. I'm sure the runners could always do with as much advice as possible ^_^

    Stay safe Kzra.

    1. Thank you.

      Yeah, this whole situation is pretty screwed up. But I guess that we just have make the most of the life we have. Even if it feels like hell sometimes.

      Good luck with, well, everything I guess.

      Let me know if you ever need anything :)